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Photo taken by David Warner

Canada’s Vinyl Industry Won’t Be Singing a New Tune

Despite a boom in vinyl sales, Canada is still struggling to press records. Given the demand and the large number of independent labels scattered across the country, it would make sense to think that vinyl pressing would grow in Canada. The reality is that many record labels in Canada are outsourcing their vinyl production to …

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Photo courtesy of Last Gang Records

Q&A with Mother Mother’s Jasmin Parkin

Mother Mother has been a mainstream staple in Canadian music since the success of their last album, The Sticks. Their combination of three-part harmonies, driving guitar riffs and keyboards have set them apart in the realm of indie-pop. On the eve of the release of their new album Very Good Bad Thing, CanCulture spoke with …

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Photo courtesy of Jagjaguwar

Artist Spotlight: DIANA

DIANA is a talented group of University of Toronto alumni and their vocally-inclined friend working together to create easy-gliding, exquisitely synthesized melodies. Paired with the chillwave vocals of their lead singer, the band creates a concoction of sound that music-lovers would categorize as dream-pop. Beginning with Joseph Shabason and Kieran Adams’ love for saxophone and …

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Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber. Photo taken by Markis Sarkis.

Canada Goose: quintessential status symbol of the North

With winter here once again, another symbol will be commonplace among the toques, peppermint mochas and knitted circle scarves: Canada Goose. Recently exploding in popularity, the fur-lined parkas have become more of a fashion statement than the extreme weather outerwear they were originally marketed as. Five years ago, Andrew Hughes couldn’t even move the jackets from …

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Photo courtesy of IZ Adaptive

Fashion Follows Form: clothes designed for sitting

Izzy Camilleri isn’t the conventional fashion designer. Since 2009, her IZ Adaptive line has revolutionized the way wheelchair users have been getting dressed. Camilleri’s career spans the course of 30 years, most of which was spent in the film industry designing for stars such as Meryl Streep and Chris Farley. All that changed in 2004, however, …

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