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Photo taken by Kelsey Adams.

Cycle Wave: Art, grime and a good time

Every now and then, gems can be found by walking down an alley in the clandestine hours of the night. There was nothing stuffy or uptight about Cycle Wave Art and Music Collective, an event created by over 20 collaborators. It was hosted on Jan. 16 at CineCycle, a bicycle repair shop by day and …

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Andrei Denga. Photo taken by David Lao.

Buskers of Toronto: Andrei Denga

Huddled in thick clothing, Torontonians hurriedly rush into the city’s subway system to avoid the sharp, biting winds of the wintry cold. Underneath the bustling streets of the city, commuters find refuge in whatever semblance of heat emanates from the dark underground. It’s here, buried deep beneath the streets that we can sometimes find music, thriving and …

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Photo taken by Amanda Skrabucha

No pants? No Problem. You won’t need them for No Pants Subway Ride

Mizuki Hagegawa was simply minding his own business on a TTC subway train on Jan. 11 when he suddenly realized that people around him were no longer wearing pants. “I don’t believe it,” he said. “(This would) be a big problem in Japan. It’s kind of like sexual terrorism.” Hagegawa is new to Toronto, having only been …

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Photos by Amanda Skrabucha and Andrea Vacl (left to right).

Winter Street Style: Toronto vs. Ottawa

It’s officially winter and here in Canada, it can be hard to stay stylish and warm at the same time. CanCulture wanted to know what Canadians are stepping out in on these cold days. So, two CanCulture photographers went out on the streets of Toronto, a fashion capital, and Ottawa, the country’s capital, to talk …

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Photo taken by Jessica Vomiero

Real Trees, Real Christmas: making memories on the family farm

Dave Euser and his daughter Elia sit by a crackling fire, steam rising from the hot chocolate they hold in their frozen, gloved fingers. Dave has just cut down their Christmas tree, a tradition he has kept since he was a child. At Horton Tree Farms, Brian Horton and his brothers Hal Horton and Bert …

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