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Photo courtesy of Telefilm Canada.

The Shortest Day Short Film Fest returns

The Shortest Day Short Film Festival is returning to Canada for the second year, this time for a span of three days leading up to the shortest day of the year. From Dec. 19 to 21, the celebration is offering free screenings in more than 60 venues in various cities all across the country and …

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A still from Window Horses. Photo courtesy of Ann Marie Fleming.

Crowdfunding Films in Canada: Window Horses

This is a corrected version of a story originally published Dec. 18. The earlier story misquoted Ann Marie Fleming regarding the theme of her film in the fourth paragraph. We apologize for the mistake. Crowdfunding is a phenomenon that involves pitching a film idea to a crowd and asking them to invest money in the …

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Photo courtesy of Les Film Séville.

Film review: Mommy’s chances at the Oscars

“Mommy” — the word written on a gold necklace, given to a middle-aged woman as a gift from her son. This is a scene from a film with the same title, directed by Xavier Dolan. Mommy, which is set in a fictional version of Canada, tells the story of widowed mother, Diane ‘Die’ Seprés (Anne …

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Theory of Everything Photo

TIFF Review: The Theory of Everything

When people think of Stephen Hawking, thoughts of complex mathematics, cosmology and physics come to mind — topics that the everyday person is not too well versed in. What The Theory of Everything achieves that saves it from becoming inaccessible, is that it delves into the humanity and emotionality of Hawking’s life and makes his …

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Photo courtesy of TIFF.

TIFF Review: The Dead Lands

The Dead Lands showcases all the highs and lows of your typical action film from captivating fight scenes to a sometimes-distracted storyline. The film, directed by Tao Fraser, is about the 16-year-old son of a chief, who seeks revenge after his tribe is massacred by a rival tribe and finds an unlikely ally after he …

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