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A still from The Culture High. Photo courtesy of Adam Scorgie.

Film Review: The Culture High

The debate on the legality of marijuana has no middle ground — people either think that it should be legalized, or they don’t. The folks behind The Culture High clearly subscribe to the former, and it’s a point that’s driven home over and over … and over again. The Culture High is a follow-up to Vancouver director Brett Harvey’s …

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Photo courtesy of Cold Warps

Artist Spotlight: Cold Warps

Cold Warps are a Halifax-born band who describe their own sound as “powerpop” and “rock garage,” but in reality are so much more. In 2009, they dropped a self-titled EP that’s both catchy and extremely fun. With insatiable and relatable lyrics, this album shows much more about the band than the fact that they can play …

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Courtesy of Warner Bros. Records

Album Review: Christmas by Michael Bublé

At a certain point, every Canadian has to face a certain universal truth: Michael Bublé is a national treasure. This is especially true during the holiday season, when Bublé’s silky voice can be found warming households across the nation. Ask any Canadian for a good Canadian Christmas album, and the answer will most likely be: …

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Photo courtesy of Alan Miller

Alan Miller: The Indie Filmmaker

Alan Miller is a Canadian film director and producer who’s best known for his latest project, In Passing, which has garnered widespread attention from numerous media outlets including the CBC, the Sundance Channel and the Movie Channel. The film also went on to win best comedy at the 2014 Student Emmys this past September. Miller studied …

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Photo courtesy of HW&W

Q&A artist spotlight: Elaquent

In the small city of Guelph, Ont. lives hip-hop, electronic and future R&B music producer Sona “Elaquent” Elango, aka “eQ.” His soulful signature style has marked the independent beat scene, proving himself to be no novice. He’s put out a handful of successful releases, including The Scenic Route and Green Apples and Oranges, and has collaborated …

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