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Photo taken by Michal Stolarczyk

“Fearless” Fred Kennedy’s Comic Book Career

It’s the early 1990’s and young Fred Kennedy waits for his turn to play Street Fighter 2: Champions Edition inside the 7/11 by his home. Overwhelmed by the waiting, his eyes wander to a spinner rack stuffed with comic books. He falls in love instantly, consuming the comics every Saturday when he visits the store. Today, …

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Photo courtesy of ART the Band

Album review: Sebastian T. Stocia by ART the Band

When looking at genres that have become more prominent in Toronto’s music scene, it’s easy to forget how diverse things are amongst things like alternative rock and rap. Jazz is currently making its generational move with the likes of BADBADNOTGOOD in the hip-hop/rap scene and modern jazz with their instrumental beats and accompaniments. However, BADBADNOTGOOD isn’t the …

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Photo courtesy of Peter Bridges.

Gorilla Cheese: From Food Truck to Store Luck

It’s been a long journey getting from a food truck to a concrete restaurant for the folks at Gorilla Cheese. The Hamilton food truck that specializes in grilled cheese has been around Ontario stopping in cities and sharing their food. Now, they’ve finally found a permanent place to set up shop in Hamilton. The truck was established by …

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Photo courtesy of Metafilms.

Film Review: Felix et Meira

A story of a dying father, an estranged son, and a struggling newlywed couple leads to a romance between two repressed individuals. Felix et Meira, Maxime Giroux’s latest film, investigates the challenges of leaving Quebec’s Hasidic Jew community, both for inner members and those outside the group. The film is a thoughtful romantic drama, that does a …

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Photo courtesy of Les Films Seville.

Film Review: The Captive

Atom Egoyan’s thriller, The Captive, fails to thrill, but the actors leave a long-lasting impression. The film depicts a heart-wrenching story of parents who lose a child, as well as how disturbing the use of technology and surveillance can be. Cassandra (Alexia Fast) is kidnapped from the back seat of her father’s truck when she’s about 10 years …

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