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Toronto Street Style: Fashion District

The Fashion district is easily one of the most hectic places for fashion finds – everywhere someone is pulling off preppy light layers, grunge bomber jackets, and bright pastels in the spirit of spring. Inspiration doesn’t flow far from the sidewalks of this district: pattern plays, business casual, monochrome, fitness fashion and more trends are …

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Courtesy of existent and David Cronenberg.

Flashback Film: eXistenZ

When you believe that virtual reality is reality, confusion is inevitable. For the 1997 science fiction thriller eXistenZ, directed by David Cronenberg, a focus group for a video game goes terribly wrong as the players seem to be playing a game within a game, within a game. Allegra Geller (Jennifer Jason Leigh) is a famous …

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Photo by Griffin Stobbs

CanCulture Photo Club Photo of the Week — Griffin Stobbs

This week’s Photo was taken by Griffin Stobbs. He took this picture of his friend, Evan McIntyre, as he rode his board around at Ashbridges bay Skate park. Stobbs’ use of a fisheye lens provides an extreme wide angle view, putting the sky, trees and the ground all in one shot. All those elements combined with …

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Courtesy of Porky's and Bob Clark.

Flashback Films: Porky’s

If you were to go looking for the horniest town in cinematic history, than look no further because that honour would have to go to Angel Beach, Florida. It is the fictional town that serves as the setting for the ’80s teen sex comedy, Porky’s (1981). Directed by Bob Clark, this raunchy comedy is one …

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"A Tale of Two Foxes," by Don Gutoski, is the overall winning photo for this year's Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. Courtesy of Don Gutoski.

2015 Wildlife Photographer of the Year

The 2015 Wildlife Photographer of the Year (WPY) exhibition featured three Canadian photographers – grand title-holder Don Gutoski, Rising Star Portfolio winner Connor Stefanison, and 10 Years and Under finalist Josiah Launstein. Presented by Quark Expeditions, the WPY was on tour from the Natural History Museum of London, England, at the Royal Ontario Museum from …

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