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Courtesy of Garrison Bespoke

Garrison Bespoke: A suit for every style

PART ONE: WHO THEY ARE When Michael Nguyen moved to Toronto as a child, he didn’t stand out in a room. Part of an immigrant family from a tiny Vietnamese town, he describes his appearance to have been “nondescript” and “low-key.” Unsatisfied, he set out to make a change. At 10 years old, Nguyen bought …

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Photo by Amanda Skrabucha.

Street Style: Kensington Market

Pedestrian Sundays in Kensington Market is a free community festival that happens on the last Sunday of the month from May to October every year. The event is a chance to celebrate Kensington Market’s neighbourhood and to demonstrate its independent business community. Musicians, artists and performers entertain visitors who come here to enjoy the sights …

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All photos by Sierra Bein

Ride in style at the Toronto Board Meeting

The Annual Toronto Board Meeting, arguably the largest meet-up for the longboard community in the city, took place on Sept. 12. The event was given the name “Board Meeting” because everyone who attends wears a white dress shirt, a tie, a helmet and skates down Yonge Street—interrupting traffic and celebrating the sport of skate. Almost …

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Photo courtesy of Lex Records.

Polaris Prep 2015: BADBADNOTGOOD

Editor’s note: This is part of an ongoing series in preparation for the 2015 Polaris Music Prize. Visit CanCulture in the weeks leading up to the prize to see each of the 10 short-listed Canadian albums highlighted. Make sure to view the awards on September 21, 2015. In an age where rap seems like nothing …

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Photo courtesy of Indoor Recess Inc.

Band spotlight: Seoul

Some music is made to be experienced with company — it sets the tone at parties or during your favourite homemade drinking game. Others are meant to be processed individually, allowing the listener to enjoy at a deeper level. Montréal electronic band Seoul combines aspects of individuality and extroversion in their new album, I Become A Shade, …

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