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Rachael Kennedy plays at The Cameron House during CMW. Photo taken by Jacob Dubé.

Canadian Music Week: Cameron House

Through an inconspicuous hallway and past the bluegrass band playing up front, the back room of the Cameron House is hosting a showcase for Canadian Music Week (CMW) on May 6. The back of the 90-plus-year-old staple of Queen Street West sports a jungle theme, with plants and flowers lining the ceiling and rugged paint on the …

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Photo taken by Jacob Dubé

The Lemon Bucket Orkestra: sweet, not sour, tunes

Add a dozen members and a no-holds-barred attitude to a traditional folk band and you get Canada’s only Balkan-klezmer-gypsy-party-punk-super-band: the Lemon Bucket Orkestra, who just released their new album, Moorka, on March 27. The 16-piece band was founded by vocalist-violinist Mark Marczyk, button accordionist Tangi Ropars, drummer Oskar Lambarri and guitarist Alex Nahirny while they …

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Photo taken by David Lao

Reaching for the Red Planet

A pilot glances to the window on the side of his cockpit and stares at the seamless horizon in the distance. He closes his eyes and imagines himself rising higher and higher in the air, climbing past the soaring eagles, and the star straddled clouds. Looking out again, he sees a horizon but one unlike …

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Photo taken by Michal Stolarczyk

“Fearless” Fred Kennedy’s Comic Book Career

It’s the early 1990’s and young Fred Kennedy waits for his turn to play Street Fighter 2: Champions Edition inside the 7/11 by his home. Overwhelmed by the waiting, his eyes wander to a spinner rack stuffed with comic books. He falls in love instantly, consuming the comics every Saturday when he visits the store. Today, …

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Photo courtesy of ART the Band

Album review: Sebastian T. Stocia by ART the Band

When looking at genres that have become more prominent in Toronto’s music scene, it’s easy to forget how diverse things are amongst things like alternative rock and rap. Jazz is currently making its generational move with the likes of BADBADNOTGOOD in the hip-hop/rap scene and modern jazz with their instrumental beats and accompaniments. However, BADBADNOTGOOD isn’t the …

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