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All photos by Amanda Skrabucha

The Common Thread Fashion Show

The Common Thread fashion show raised awareness about fair trade clothing by featuring ethically made and eco-friendly pieces from local designers on Jan. 20 in Toronto. Ideology of fairness is about clothes made with sustainable resources to secure healthy working conditions, protected environment and economic sufficiency. Fair trade is a movement for change that works …

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Photo courtesy Gemalyn Cabutaje

Break on through to the other side: Becoming a vegan

Veganism has become a widespread and popular lifestyle, particularly in Toronto. Many people have been changing their lifestyle and adapting to veganism. It seems that people have been choosing to go vegan for many reasons. Whatever they may be, becoming vegan is harder than it seems and everyone has their own experiences and stories. Gemalyn …

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Photo taken by Caterina Amaral.

The First Annual Syrian Film Festival

“Wake up and smell the jasmine,” was the slogan for Syria Film Festival through Nov. 13 to Nov. 15, a metaphor for the international community to address the atrocities done to people in the Syrian Civil War. The four-year-long war engulfs most of everyday life in Syria which that’s why the festival featured films about …

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Tony Ferrari of OAF.  Photo by Kate Fobert.

Q&A with Tony Ferrari of OAF

Half-vegan cafe, half-event space, D-Beatstro united moshers of all ages on the third day of Toronto hardcore festival Not Dead Yet (NDY). The afternoon matinee crowd was sizeable yet intimate as punks chilled at tables with juice and cookies, or mobbed the bands onstage to thrash their hearts out. Vancouver’s OAF were the third band …

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