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Photo taken by Jacob Dubé

The Lemon Bucket Orkestra: sweet, not sour, tunes

Add a dozen members and a no-holds-barred attitude to a traditional folk band and you get Canada’s only Balkan-klezmer-gypsy-party-punk-super-band: the Lemon Bucket Orkestra, who just released their new album, Moorka, on March 27. The 16-piece band was founded by vocalist-violinist Mark Marczyk, button accordionist Tangi Ropars, drummer Oskar Lambarri and guitarist Alex Nahirny while they …

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Photo courtesy of Les Films Seville.

Film Review: The Captive

Atom Egoyan’s thriller, The Captive, fails to thrill, but the actors leave a long-lasting impression. The film depicts a heart-wrenching story of parents who lose a child, as well as how disturbing the use of technology and surveillance can be. Cassandra (Alexia Fast) is kidnapped from the back seat of her father’s truck when she’s about 10 years …

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Photo courtesy of Les Film Séville.

Film review: Mommy’s chances at the Oscars

“Mommy” — the word written on a gold necklace, given to a middle-aged woman as a gift from her son. This is a scene from a film with the same title, directed by Xavier Dolan. Mommy, which is set in a fictional version of Canada, tells the story of widowed mother, Diane ‘Die’ Seprés (Anne …

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The character Mustafa, voiced by Liam Neeson, who is featured in the main story as a poet recently released from imprisonment. Photo courtesy of TIFF.

TIFF Review: Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet

Animation has the reputation of being “only for children,” but Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet, which had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on Sept. 6, will be as equally captivating to adults as it is to children. The story is a simple one. The “prophet” Mustafa (Liam Neeson) is a poet who …

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