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Past Errors:
May 9, 2012 - From Paris to Pokémon, Vancouver artist inspired by life experience
The article stated that Marisa Seguin had never visited Venice before, when in fact, she had. The article also incorrectly spelled the name of Seguin’s friend Chelsey incorrectly. Finally, Seguin was not “unimpressed” with the post-secondary art curricula in Vancouver, but instead felt they did not suit her needs as well as the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design.

Feb 6, 2012 - Harris, 14, youngest poet at Ottawa’s first Women’s Slam Championship
The headline stated incorrectly that Maddy Harris won the Women’s Slam Championship in January of 2012 when she did not.

Oct 10, 2011Dishcrawl brings the ‘social dining experience’ to Ottawa
The article stated that Sarah Burns, Leanne Rawley and Andrea Rawley started working for Ottawa’s Dishcrawl in September. However, the article incorrectly stated that Burns helped organize the first Ottawa Dishcrawl, when she did not. The original organizers of Ottawa’s Dishcrawl were Caitlin Carrol and Michelle La Flèche.