Have an idea you think would make a great story? An event you’d like to cover?

Send an email to submissions@canculture.com and we’ll be sure to reply. CanCulture is accepting submissions from journalism students and freelancers. If you have a strong idea for an article, or have a longer analytical piece in mind, freelancing with CanCulture is a great place to start. You’ll be held to the same high standards as our regular staff, but won’t have to contribute on a weekly basis.

Freelance pitches should offer a interesting perspective on an event that should be covered by CanCulture, whether a spotlight on the booming theatre community in North Bay, Ont. or a look into ghost bikes memorials in downtown Toronto. Unfortunately at this time we cannot offer stipends to our freelance contributors. However, you will get exposure, a byline and a foot in the door should you consider applying to be a staff contributor in the future.