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Toronto band BART released their debut album Holomew on April 8 with Idée Fixe Records.

Album Review: Holomew by BART

Toronto progressive band BART released their debut album Holomew on April 8, under Idée Fixe Records. Hey, did you know if you put the band name in front of the album name, you get Bartholomew? Whoa, mind blown! The progressive sound the band displays in this nine-track album draws influences from a range of genres, …

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Courtesy of Meatballs and Ivan Reitman.

Flashback Films: Meatballs

Meatballs, a 1979 Canadian comedy film directed by Ivan Reitman, is the film that started Bill Murray’s successful comedic career as a leading actor. This coming of age story centres around a summer camp, Camp North Star. It is about a group of  adolescents who are dropped off by their parents for the duration of …

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Courtesy of One Magic Christmas and Phillip Borsos.

Flashback Films: One Magic Christmas

The little known Disney film, One Magic Christmas, is one of the most morbid family movies ever to be released during the holiday season. What other Christmas movie dares to feature an armed bank robbery, a devoted husband being fatally shot and the image of a kidnapper and his hostages swerving off a bridge to …

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Review: Tell Everyone by Alfred Hermida

Like the myth of the deep fried rat at Kentucky Fried Chicken, conjectures about the dangerous effects social media has on human interaction appear and disappear, forever warning the downfall of man will happen with the next retweeted cat video. In Alfred Hermida’s non-fiction novel, Tell Everyone, the former BBC journalist and associate professor at …

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Image used on the original 1976 cover of Bear.

Review: Bear by Marian Engel

Marian Engel’s Bear has certainly been making some waves lately. It won the Governor General’s Award for Fiction in 1976 and has recently been called the greatest Canadian novel of all time by the National Post. But thanks to the Internet, the only thing most Canadians today have read are excerpts of some not-so-PG-13 scenes …

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