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Creating the rap persona: Keffaleng

The Toronto hip-hop scene has seen a reemergence in recent years with artists like Jazz Cartier; OVO affiliates Devontée, Majid Jordan, and Jimmy Johnson; and XO affiliate Derek Wise among the next group of young rap superstars fit for their run at celebrity. The success of Drake had never before been seen in Toronto. Working …

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Photo taken by Maddee Ritter.

Artist Spotlight: Harrison

Back in high school, Harrison Robinson and his best friend Seamus Hamilton didn’t believe in pigeonholing themselves in particular social scenes. Together, they roamed the streets of Toronto; mixing with all kinds of people. This was when they started experimenting with beatmaking, “It was a hobby. Seamus and I would mess around with software in …

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Band spotlight: Seoul

Some music is made to be experienced with company — it sets the tone at parties or during your favourite homemade drinking game. Others are meant to be processed individually, allowing the listener to enjoy at a deeper level. Montréal electronic band Seoul combines aspects of individuality and extroversion in their new album, I Become A Shade, …

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Album review: Pillars & Pyre by Dralms

Multi-faceted artist Christopher Smith has put together a new dark, dissonant EP titled Pillars & Pyre under the name Dralms. Released on May 19 via Boompa Records, the EP is the band’s second release and is a collaboration of Smith, Shaunn Watt and Peter Carruthers of the band Siskiyou and William Kendrick of Failing, along …

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