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Photo courtesy of Indoor Recess. Photo taken by Matt Kuhn Photography.

Band Spotlight: Shred Kelly

B.C.-based “stoke-folk” band Shred Kelly, consisting of Sage McBride, Tim Newton, Ian Page-Shiner, Ty West and Jordan Vlasschaert, is tearing up Canada to promote their third full-length album, Sing to the Night, released Jan. 27. About a decade ago, four of the five members of Shred Kelly moved to the small town of Fernie for …

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Photo courtesy of The Windish Agency

Artist Spotlight: Purity Ring

Canadian electronic music duo Purity Ring has released three singles from their much-anticipated upcoming second album, Another Eternity, due out March 3. The band is known for their unique sound, as well as their tantalizing visual performances. The group’s electronic repertoire includes dream pop, a form of alternative rock that focuses on melody and vocals, as well …

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Wisome Kind

Two of a Winsome Kind

From their start together on the set of a musical to their whirlwind romance and musical collaboration aboard a train across Canada, Vancouver singer-songwriting husband and wife duo Scott Perrie and Leora Joy’s love is the heartwarming influence that led to the release of their self-titled album on Oct. 7. An intricate fusion of folk …

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Photo courtesy of The Weather Station

Artist Spotlight: The Weather Station

Take Nick Drake’s folk prowess, add a touch of Mimicking Birds’ lyricism, a drop of Haim-like vocals and you get The Weather Station. Although that’s not to say the mostly-solo project of Tamara Lindeman doesn’t have its own identity; Lindeman is very much her own, with her own brand of punchy and thoughtful song writing, …

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Photo courtesy of Arts & Crafts

Album Review: Club Meds by Dan Mangan + Blacksmith

Dan Mangan and his band have returned to kick-start 2015’s music scene with their fourth full-length album under the new name Dan Mangan + Blacksmith. After a much-needed break from touring, the band released Club Meds, their most ambitious and experimental album yet. Mangan’s Mumford-esque vocals coupled with the instrumental power of Blacksmith evoke lonely bus rides …

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