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Memoirs of an Oblong Sphere is the debut of Toronto ambient-/dream-pop artist Silver Pools.

Album Review: Memoirs of an Oblong Sphere by Silver Pools

What do you get with dreams and ambience? You get Memoirs of an Oblong Sphere, the debut album of Toronto ambient-pop artist Silver Pools. Released on April 22, 2016, Memoirs of an Oblong Sphere is an exploration into the abstract – otherworldly sounds and dreamy concepts. It opens with “Spesku Strings,” a short introduction featuring …

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Toronto band BART released their debut album Holomew on April 8 with Idée Fixe Records.

Album Review: Holomew by BART

Toronto progressive band BART released their debut album Holomew on April 8, under Idée Fixe Records. Hey, did you know if you put the band name in front of the album name, you get Bartholomew? Whoa, mind blown! The progressive sound the band displays in this nine-track album draws influences from a range of genres, …

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Toronto-based artist David Jones transports audience into a musical void, accompanied by psychedelic imageries. Photo by Clark McRorie.

“Don’t Speak,” a concert where talking is banned

On March 25, Array Space became a no-talk zone. The little music venue located south of Queen Street West hosted Don’t Speak, one of many concerts presented under the Wavelength series. It’s like any other concert, except there’s one rule — don’t speak. Even the artists were not above the law. Instead, there are cue cards …

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Tony Ferrari of OAF.  Photo by Kate Fobert.

Q&A with Tony Ferrari of OAF

Half-vegan cafe, half-event space, D-Beatstro united moshers of all ages on the third day of Toronto hardcore festival Not Dead Yet (NDY). The afternoon matinee crowd was sizeable yet intimate as punks chilled at tables with juice and cookies, or mobbed the bands onstage to thrash their hearts out. Vancouver’s OAF were the third band …

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