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Eren Legend was the first Canadian to win the title of Mr. World Physique. Photo taken by Jennie Paul

Bulking Season: Beyond lifting weights and eating clean

Unlike most people, Eren Legend wasn’t worried about holiday weight gain. As the first Canadian to win the Mr. World Physique title, any holiday dinner invitation was highly appreciated because Legend is one of the many athletes taking part in the annual tradition of bulking season. Bulking is the act of gaining muscle through weight lifting, but most importantly, …

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Photo taken by Andrea Vacl

Banking on Healthy Food for Food Banks

When donating to a food drive, what comes to mind is probably Kraft Dinner or maybe those cans from the back of the cupboard with questionable expiration dates. After all, it’s a charity — they’ll appreciate anything they’re given, right? This year, Canadian Pacific Railway Ltd. (CP) hoped to change that mentality with the help …

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SIGNS restaurant, Toronto. Photo taken by David Lao.

SIGNS Restaurant: for the deaf community and beyond

A young woman sits at a table and raises her right hand up to her head, bends her thumb inwards towards her palm, but keeps her other fingers straight. Her motions looked peculiarly robotic yet fluid at the same time, as if the movements were second nature to her. Her friends sitting across from her, however, …

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Fresh Off the Boat owner, Quinten Tran, stands outside his restaurant. Photo taken by Ruth Remudaro

Fresh eats from Fresh Off The Boat

Fresh Off The Boat, a new seafood-sandwich shop with an Asian twist, is nestled on the corner of Queen Street and Spadina Avenue, between Kinton Ramen and Rose City Kitchen. The small joint owned by Quinten Tran has been catching the attention of Torontonians and reeling them in fast. With its customers ordering through what appears to …

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Photo courtesy of The Family Farm

A fight for The Family Farm: Planet in Focus Environmental Film Festival with Ari Cohen

In the afternoon he was eating a hamburger, but Ari Cohen was not expecting to see where his patty came from. Later that day, after finishing his meal, he would pay a visit to the local slaughterhouse. There, he and a few farmers watched as a butcher with a bloodied white apron and wireframe glasses …

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