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Photo by Lisa Bolton. Lisa @foodwellsaid uses rustic backdrops and fresh ingredients to really make her photos pop.

Food Instagrammers: Where you have your cake and share it too

When Instagram started up in 2010, no one knew the photo-sharing app would be this successful.  By April of 2012, however, Instagram had been purchased by Facebook and had over 100 million active users. As Instagram became a way for users to show their followers everything they were doing, taking photos of perfectly constructed plates …

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Photo courtesy Gemalyn Cabutaje

Break on through to the other side: Becoming a vegan

Veganism has become a widespread and popular lifestyle, particularly in Toronto. Many people have been changing their lifestyle and adapting to veganism. It seems that people have been choosing to go vegan for many reasons. Whatever they may be, becoming vegan is harder than it seems and everyone has their own experiences and stories. Gemalyn …

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Photo by Skyler Ash.

Hottest places to get a cold treat in Toronto

What are you craving? Walking around the diverse city of Toronto, you probably crave a whole host of things. Delicious smells waft out of all sorts of shops downtown, but none quite as wonderful as those that come from ice cream shops. I searched the city for the best ice cream shops and found three …

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Photo courtesy of School of Italian Pizza.

Pizza competition finds the best pie maker in Canada

Pizza makers from all over Canada got together to test their pizza-making skills against each other at the Canadian Pizza Show on Monday, Oct. 19. The much-anticipated Chef of the Year competitions amassed over 200 attendees at the International Centre in Mississauga. Joe Leroux from Amadio’s Pizza in Mississauga was awarded the Canadian Pizza Chef …

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