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Photo courtesy of m01229 via FlickR Creative Commons.

Redbox: Physical movie rentals in the time of Netflix

With numerous convenient TV and movie streaming services like Netflix, Crave and Shomi, the people at Redbox are kicking it old school by bringing back DVD rental services. But the real question is, does Redbox stand a chance? Redbox provides new-released DVDs, Blu-rays and video game discs by setting up self-service kiosks all around cities …

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A still from The Culture High. Photo courtesy of Adam Scorgie.

Film Review: The Culture High

The debate on the legality of marijuana has no middle ground — people either think that it should be legalized, or they don’t. The folks behind The Culture High clearly subscribe to the former, and it’s a point that’s driven home over and over … and over again. The Culture High is a follow-up to Vancouver director Brett Harvey’s …

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Photo courtesy of Alan Miller

Alan Miller: The Indie Filmmaker

Alan Miller is a Canadian film director and producer who’s best known for his latest project, In Passing, which has garnered widespread attention from numerous media outlets including the CBC, the Sundance Channel and the Movie Channel. The film also went on to win best comedy at the 2014 Student Emmys this past September. Miller studied …

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Photo courtesy of Telefilm Canada.

The Shortest Day Short Film Fest returns

The Shortest Day Short Film Festival is returning to Canada for the second year, this time for a span of three days leading up to the shortest day of the year. From Dec. 19 to 21, the celebration is offering free screenings in more than 60 venues in various cities all across the country and …

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A still from Window Horses. Photo courtesy of Ann Marie Fleming.

Crowdfunding Films in Canada: Window Horses

This is a corrected version of a story originally published Dec. 18. The earlier story misquoted Ann Marie Fleming regarding the theme of her film in the fourth paragraph. We apologize for the mistake. Crowdfunding is a phenomenon that involves pitching a film idea to a crowd and asking them to invest money in the …

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