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Courtesy of the Keeper and  T.Y. Drake.

Flashback Films: The Keeper

The Keeper, a 1976 mystery film directed by T.Y. Drake, is garnered around a psychiatric asylum, Underwood. Its patients tend to be wealthy heirs and heiresses. The man in charge of Underwood is a greying cripple known as the Keeper (Christopher Lee). Lee is a famed and renowned actor known for playing popular bad guys …

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Courtesy of the Red Violin and Francois Girard.

Flashback Films: The Red Violin

There aren’t many movies that can include a British aristocrat playing the violin during sex and a woman who protects the very same violin during the Chinese cultural revolution, but The Red Violin includes all that and more. The movie is the compilation of overlapping stories of one specially crafted red-tinged violin and its various …

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Screenshot of Francois Miron's film, Paul Sharits. Courtesy of the Antimatter Film Festival.

The Antimatter Film Festival

An international array of innovative and independent media art can be found at the 18th annual Antimatter Film Festival. The event was filled with a variety of screenings, installations, live performances and media hybrids in Victoria, B.C from Oct.16 to Halloween. Festival director Todd Eacrett and the curator, Deborah de Boer initially developed the festival in …

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Photo taken by Christiane Beya.

The 2015 Buffer Festival Gala brings YouTube to the big screen

Some of Youtube’s most popular stars were in Toronto from October 23-25 for the Buffer Festival’s Gala Premiere with the event screening new videos from the site’s most innovative creators. Conceived in 2011 by YouTube stars and entrepreneurs Corey Vidal, Samantha Fall and Corrado Coia, Buffer Festival began as a result of Vidal’s desire to …

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Courtesy of Buffer Festival.

Buffer Festival 2015: Q&A with Julie Vu

Julie Vu is a transgender Canadian YouTuber hailing from Vancouver. Her channel currently boasts over 300,000 subscribers. Vu has a passion for make-up artistry and fashion, which is more or less the theme of her channel. And through YouTube, she is one of the first to share her whole transition story and life experiences through …

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