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Photo courtesy of The Dark Side of The Chew

Chew but don’t spit — Nisker’s The Dark Side of the Chew

Filmmaker Andrew Nisker’s new documentary The Dark Side of the Chew brings a comedic approach to a serious issue harming the environment: chewing gum. “(The film’s) playful and fun, like chewing gum,” Nisker said. The film premiered on Nov. 9, closing out The Planet in Focus Environmental Film Festival. The sticky stuff is a large …

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Photo courtesy of The Family Farm

A fight for The Family Farm: Planet in Focus Environmental Film Festival with Ari Cohen

In the afternoon he was eating a hamburger, but Ari Cohen was not expecting to see where his patty came from. Later that day, after finishing his meal, he would pay a visit to the local slaughterhouse. There, he and a few farmers watched as a butcher with a bloodied white apron and wireframe glasses …

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Photo taken by Rob Stewart

Sharks in decline: Q&A with filmmaker Rob Stewart

It’s not easy to change the consciousness of hundreds and thousands of people to join a global movement. Through his empowering documentaries, Rob Stewart, a Canadian filmmaker and activist, has achieved just that. Born in Toronto, Stewart made his mark in his 2006 documentary Sharkwater which revealed the importance of sharks in the ocean ecosystem …

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Theory of Everything Photo

TIFF Review: The Theory of Everything

When people think of Stephen Hawking, thoughts of complex mathematics, cosmology and physics come to mind — topics that the everyday person is not too well versed in. What The Theory of Everything achieves that saves it from becoming inaccessible, is that it delves into the humanity and emotionality of Hawking’s life and makes his …

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