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Natalia Manzocco modelling a Just Sultan reversible bowtie for her store, Future is the Future. Photo provided by Future is the Future.

Future is the Future: Toronto’s newest online store challenges gender barriers

When Sophia Banks started working as a wedding photographer in Toronto, she didn’t think she would have to reconsider her job after years in the field. Banks had trouble finding and keeping clients because of something that she can’t control: her gender. Banks is a transgender woman and trans-activist. After she came out during her …

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Politics of Fashion exhibition at the Design Exchange. Photo by Eugen Sakhnenko.

Design Exchange explores the Politics of Fashion in current exhibition

At the Al-Quds rally held in Toronto this summer, protesters of different faiths and backgrounds came to show their support and protest for the Palestinian people. Protesters hold the Palestinian flag and wear T-shirts emblazoned with the words “FREE PALESTINE.” Although many overlook the effect that these words play, fashion has constantly had an impact on …

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Photo courtesy of Dean Thullner

A fashion show to remember: Q&A with Dean Thullner

Dean Thullner was diagnosed with HIV in his late 20s, but instead of counting down his days, he has been working on raising awareness for HIV-AIDS and mental illness. Fashion is just one way Thullner continues to raise awareness for a cause he’s passionate about. Thullner created Brilliant!, a fashion show held at the historic Commodore …

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Photo courtesy of WORN.

Long live the WORN legacy

WORN Fashion Journal always had a sense of willpower when it came to work. The masthead didn’t receive a single dime for their efforts to produce WORN, but it wasn’t about the money. After 10 successful years of pleasing fashion fanatics, the WORN legacy has come to a close. WORN was a Toronto-based fashion print publication. Issues …

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Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber. Photo taken by Markis Sarkis.

Canada Goose: quintessential status symbol of the North

With winter here once again, another symbol will be commonplace among the toques, peppermint mochas and knitted circle scarves: Canada Goose. Recently exploding in popularity, the fur-lined parkas have become more of a fashion statement than the extreme weather outerwear they were originally marketed as. Five years ago, Andrew Hughes couldn’t even move the jackets from …

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