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Chloe Zhang #ootd. Photo courtesy of Chloe Zhang. Edited by Hanna Lee.

Thriving on the double-tap: The World of Instafashion

Instagram may not be the first thing that comes to mind when talking about fashion. However, its inception in 2010 has revolutionized the fashion industry in more ways than one. The #fashion hashtag has been used on more than 200 million photos, with that number increasing every minute. Instagram makes fashion accessible: brands can connect with consumers and celebrities …

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Look from the COS Autumn/Winter 2015 collection. Photos courtesy of COS.

Canada welcomes another international retailer: COS

There’s a new competitor in Canada’s high-end fashion market. Collection of Style (COS), a fashion retailer owned by the same group as H&M, is opening shop in Montreal and Toronto this fall or winter. COS started selling their functional and modern fashion for men, women and children in 2007. Since then they have expanded from …

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Elton John's historical Ferradini platforms (1972-1973), part of the Men in Heels exhibition. Photo courtesy of the Bata Shoe Museum.

Men in heels: Are guys afraid of heights?

Heels are a dominant feature of the fashion world. Last month, the Cannes Film Festival went as far as mandating that female guests must only wear heels. Today, these shoes have become one of the most gender-specific garments. Seeing a man wearing heels is uncommon and typically met with disbelief. What many don’t know is that heels were originally worn by men. …

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One look from Dsqared2's Dsquaw collection. Courtesy of instagram.

Calling an end to fashion’s appropriation of Aboriginal culture

Designers create the world of fashion by pushing the boundaries of style each season. Sometimes they seek inspiration from other cultures, so they borrow elements from the cultures of minority groups without their input. This is cultural appropriation. Such is the case with Canadian label Dsquared2‘s new line. After presenting their Native-themed line at Milan Fashion …

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