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Driftwood Throne. Photo taken by Joanne Clark

Winter Art Inspires “Warmth” at Kew Beach

Artists have transformed Toronto’s shores into something spectacular for the Winter Station Art Exhibition at Kew Beach. In an attempt to bring life to the shoreline, architecture companies RAW Design, Ferris + Associates, and Curio came up with the Winter Stations competition. “Warmth” was this year’s theme, with the intention of bringing character to an otherwise …

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Photo taken by Jessica Vomiero.

Art Spiegelman’s Co-Mix: A Retrospective

“Do you serve crabs here?” a well-dressed crab asks as he sits down at a table with a checkered table cloth. There’s a juke box sitting just a few feet back and he’s smoking a pipe. “Sure toots…we’ll serve anyone here…just keep yer shirt on!” responds a haggard, tattooed waitress while smoking a cigarette. The …

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Slogans for the 21st Century. Photo taken by Linda Nguyen.

Douglas Coupland at the ROM

The new Douglas Coupland retrospective everywhere is anywhere is anything is everything, on display at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, is the perfect primer for pop art beginners. Both evocative and aesthetically pleasing, the fusion of modern social analysis with Coupland’s mix of mediums creates a saccharine, sensory overload. Walking into the space is reminiscent of entering …

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Image used on the original 1976 cover of Bear.

Review: Bear by Marian Engel

Marian Engel’s Bear has certainly been making some waves lately. It won the Governor General’s Award for Fiction in 1976 and has recently been called the greatest Canadian novel of all time by the National Post. But thanks to the Internet, the only thing most Canadians today have read are excerpts of some not-so-PG-13 scenes …

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Photo taken by Kelsey Adams.

Cycle Wave: Art, grime and a good time

Every now and then, gems can be found by walking down an alley in the clandestine hours of the night. There was nothing stuffy or uptight about Cycle Wave Art and Music Collective, an event created by over 20 collaborators. It was hosted on Jan. 16 at CineCycle, a bicycle repair shop by day and …

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