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"A Tale of Two Foxes," by Don Gutoski, is the overall winning photo for this year's Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. Courtesy of Don Gutoski.

2015 Wildlife Photographer of the Year

The 2015 Wildlife Photographer of the Year (WPY) exhibition featured three Canadian photographers – grand title-holder Don Gutoski, Rising Star Portfolio winner Connor Stefanison, and 10 Years and Under finalist Josiah Launstein. Presented by Quark Expeditions, the WPY was on tour from the Natural History Museum of London, England, at the Royal Ontario Museum from …

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Maya's Storyland.

Inside Toronto’s only children’s museum: Children’s Discovery Centre

Frustrated at Toronto’s lack of educational activity options for her daughter, Jeanhy Shim decided to create one herself. Shim is the founder and CEO of the Children’s Discovery Centre (CDC), Toronto’s only children’s museum. Since its creation, it has been the popular destination for parents with children under the age of six. “I was in San Francisco at …

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Burger from Fucci's Finger Food series. Photo courtesy of Fucci.

Review: Fucci’s Underwater Adventure

Fucci’s first public appearance, Squirt: An Underwater Adventure, wasn’t what most attendees were expecting. Advertised as a night of art accompanied by live music and DJs, the event itself was definitely lacking in the former, which was unfortunate because Fucci has such a strong selection of works. The elusive Scandinavian Toronto-based artist is known for …

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The gold tooth with the snarling mouth. Photo taken by Michael Pereira.

Under the Tracks: The Noize in West Toronto

A toothy smirk across Bloor Street flashes behind industrial bulbs that droop across the underpass at the Bloor GO station in West Toronto. A gold-capped tooth sets a permanent gleam of light on the wall it fashions, lifting the snarling lips away from the collage of stenciled paisley, flora, and geometric cells behind it. Passengers stepping …

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Photo taken by Adriana Parente

Ladies Who Tattoo

It’s a crowded space as people covered in tattoos maneuver around to the buzz of tattoo needles injecting ink into skin and curse words flying like a language all on their own. At the 17th annual Northern Ink Xposure event, tattoo artists were hard at work creating body art for guests. One such artist is Teneile Napoli, a tattoo artist from …

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