When defining Canada you might think of the Great Lakes, BeaverTails or William Shatner. From Cobourg to Calgary, Napanee to Nanaimo, you might just catch us adding “eh?” to the ends of our sentences. Some say it’s what defines us, but at CanCulture we are young, ambitious, and proud of our history. We are more than canoe trips up north or road trips out west, more than maple syrup and ice hockey, we want to tell beautiful stories about the amazing people and places from across the country and engage readers in thoughtful conversation on arts and culture in Canada.


Andrew Nguyen and Arik Ligeti

Arik and Andrew






When CanCulture was created, in March 2011, the duo from Carleton University dreamed of a magazine dedicated to longform stories about Canadian arts and culture that would also give them a space to practice and experiment with their craft.

In the beginning, they worked tirelessly with only a handful of contributors to get the online magazine off the ground. CanCulture has aimed to be a stepping stone and has been dedicated to giving opportunities to students looking to kickstart their career in journalism.

Their goal hasn’t changed since the duo passed the torch to a new pair, it only got bigger as there are nearly 100 contributors from across the country who are apart of the team. Contributors to the site have been published in the Toronto Star, the Globe and Mail, the National Post, CBC and the Canadian Press amongst others.

The magazine, which focuses on fashion, film, food, music and now includes works of fiction and a podcast, has become a place for students to hone their craft and build their portfolios. CanCulture is always on the hunt for hardworking, ambitious students who want to put a fresh, quirky perspective on Canadian arts and culture.

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