While once-comfortable temperatures rapidly plummet to numbing negative figures, it is not easy to maintain a fashionable appearance and keep warm at the same time.

But it is clear in Toronto that some citizens are refusing the easy submission to icy Canadian air. The following individuals were seen on Queen Street sporting excellently stylish attires, regardless of the below-zero temperatures.  They let CanCulture in on their must-have winter items.

CanCulture - Gabo

Occupation: Hairdresser
Style: Gabo mixes tight and loose pieces with a hint of classic and rocker elements. “I like to complement everything”
Inspiration: Mariano Di Vaio
Must-have winter item: Designer boots

CanCulture - ArdraArdra
Occupation: Singer
Style: “Girly”
Inspirations: Her mom, Zooey Deschanel, and classics like Audrey Hepburn
Must-have winter item: The Soïa & Kyo jacket she’s wearing (Ardra searched everywhere for the perfect puffer jacket that was equal parts practical and chic)

CanCulture - JulianJulian
Occupation: Visual artist
Style:  “Goth … and hip hop. I grew up on it.”
Inspirations: Rick Owens, ADYN, and Alexander McQueen
Must-have winter item: Dr. Martens boots

CanCulture - FionaFiona
Occupation: Bartender
Style: “Easy and relaxed.”
Inspirations: The newest trends
Must-have winter items: New mittens

CanCulture - ChrisChris
Occupation: Student/Stylist
Style:  “Dark, gothic, and chic”
Inspiration: Fashion magazines
Must-have winter item: Buckled boots

CanCulture - CorrinaCorrina
Occupation: Student
Style: Feminine and classic
Inspiration: Vanessa Hudgens
Must-have winter item: Her current blanket scarf and black booties

CanCulture - GobinGobin
Occupation: Student/Server
Style: “Modern preppy”
Inspirations: Fashion bloggers, such as The Sartorialist’s Scott Schuman
Must-have winter item: A good biker jacket and stylish spats for cold Toronto weather

CanCulture - MayaMaya
Occupation: Student/Bartender
Style: “Vintage Chic”
Inspiration: Morticia Addams
Must-have winter items: Her current boots from Winners and hats


Ebony-Renée Baker is a regular contributor for CanCulture and founder of her own fashion blog, New Girl at the Walk.