Aisling McCaffrey, 21
Wearing: A mix of thrift and Zara. “I got my shoes and my skirt at Value Village and I got my shirt at Zara, and my leather jacket is fake Zara that I bought in Beijing, China.”

Hayley Brooks, 23
“Today it’s kind of comfort, my jeans are pretty baggy so they enable me to move around a lot, and now that it’s rainy, it’s getting colder, so just being comfortable and being warm. I’m at work, so I’m basically head-to-toe in American Apparel, I got my boots on sale, there Jeffrey Campbell, I got them from nasty gal, I have a jacket, my friend has a consignment business Hand Down Your Pants, and I got it from there, and it’s just friends scarf.”

Kirby Ramsay, 23
Wearing: “My dress is from Value Village, my shoes are from Little Burgundy, my purse is from Israel, and all my jewellery is pretty much vintage… it’s antiquey.”

Jonathan Levack, 38
“I didn’t want to go too crazy with colour, but I wanted to hit a colour; so that’s why I chose the pants.”
Wearing: Boots: Lacoste, pants: Zara, cardigan: Club Monaco, T-shirt: Black Label

Sena Zou, 20
Wearing: Pink trench coat and shoes from China. “I wore this today because it’s a little bit cold.”

Bella Steenholdt, 16, Miranda Vanseters, 22
Bella (left): “My boots are an Australian brand, and my dress and stocking are Tiger Lily. Also an Australian brand.” Miranda (right): “Casual stockings and cheapo shoes, and I got this coat in New Zealand while I was on a trip last year, it was a birthday present.”

Victoria Barrio, 20
Wearing: Rain boots, Espirit trench coat, Marc Jacobs bag

Jill Adams is a fourth-year journalism student at Carleton University. She is also working towards a minor in both law and business, and is the assistant fashion editor at CanCulture.