CanCulture: We’re here today with Spencer Edwards, a fashion blogger and fashion marketing student in Montreal. Thanks for joining us, Spencer. So, first off, what got you hooked on fashion?

Spencer Edwards: I’ve been attracted to fashion ever since I was really young. The element of style is what grasped me more — to be able to live free and express your personality, lifestyle, or mood through clothing.

CC: You’re clearly a very fashionable fellow with a distinctive style. How do you choose what to wear every day?

SE: It really all comes to how I feel whenever I get up and instinct. Rarely I will plan an outfit; it all comes down to my mood. It really just flows better that way, instead of forcing myself to wear something since I planned it out the previous night. As I go along putting on the clothing, everything just slowly comes together and makes sense in the end. It’s like a puzzle.

CC: Are there any items in your wardrobe you consider foundational?

SE: Yes. I literally wear my bracelets and rings every day. If I forget one at home my whole day is off balance. It has gotten to the point that my body literally feels like it’s missing a major part.  It’s weird. Also, my penny loafers. They look great with anything. It’s an extremely versatile shoe.

CC: Your bracelets, rings, and penny loafers are certainly a signature part of your Lookbook presence. So, right now you’re at Collège Lasalle in Montreal studying fashion marketing. Where do you hope that will take you?

SE: I hope it takes me to a place where I’m extremely successful. By “successful” I mean really happy with my life and situation. A lot of people are successful but do not necessarily have happiness. Who knows – maybe one day I’ll have my own brand, shop , or agency. The sky is the limit. But right now it’s all about the journey, not the destination. I’m just riding the wave and learning, inspiring and growing as I go.

CC: That’s great. Now, you also blog, and your blog features a lot of great photos. Are you the man behind the camera?

SE: Yes I do all my own photography, unless I’m in front of the camera, of course. And I have a few good friends who help me out with it. Sometimes I’ll have a post planned out. Other times it just happens spontaneously.

CC: Cool. Just one more question. Winter is a long season in this country, and it’s coming up fast. How do you think it affects Canadian fashion?

SE: It definitely forces everyone to layer up or buy an expensive coat. I think during October and November you see a good amount of layering which is why fall is my favourite season, hands down. But, as the months go by and it gets colder and colder, it becomes unbearable almost to the point that fashion is the last thing on everybody’s mind. Everyone just wants to stay warm and not catch a cold. So, winters here can really hurt Canada’s fashion season from January to March.

CC: Thanks so much for chatting with me, Spencer.

SE: Thank you for having me.

Catherine Cross is the fashion editor at CanCulture.