Once a month, The Daily Grind teams up with Rabbit Hole Productions Inc. to answer the question, “Where’s the hardcore?”

One is a folksy cafe. The other is a company devoted to promoting the hardcore lifestyle. On the third Saturday of every month, they join forces in a Metal House Party – an intimate concert that features promising metal bands from across Ontario and Quebec.

The partnership formed out of a common love for community and metal, said Elizabeth Chaykowski, owner of Rabbit Hole Productions Inc.

“The first time I met Mike [owner of The Daily Grind] there was this total [feeling] of energy and understanding,” Chaykowski said. “He is a metal head, and he is totally about community.”

After realizing they had a similar approach to business on top of their shared love of metal, Chaykowski said they clicked and decided to help each other bring metal to the community.

The Daily Grind hosted their third Metal House Party on June 17, featuring Paradigm Divide and Mutual Execution. The house-turned-cafe makes an interesting setting for the show – the eclectic decoration combines re-furbished church pews, children’s art, and vintage gas-masks.

Don’t be surprised if a musician greets you as you walk into the Daily Grind— the stage comes right up to the main entrance of the restaurant. Here, there are no dividing lines between audience and band.

”We want to have these metal shows in a small place. It keeps them loud and intimate, and here you’re almost touching the band,” said Mike White, owner of the Daily Grind.

The unconventional set-up creates an intimate and comfortable environment for any fans of metal, whether they are just discovering the scene or a veteran.

Ultimately one of the goals of Metal House Party is to help promote young musical talent in the Ottawa area. Local musicians have a lot of potential, Chaykowski said, but they lack the support. She said the Metal House Party tries to provide this missing support.

But metal is a difficult thing to promote, White said, because it’s the kind of music people either like or don’t like. And he said he’s not sure how the partnership aimed at promoting it will evolve.

“At this point I don’t know what the future holds for The Daily Grind and Rabbit Hole Productions,” said White. “I can pretty much guarantee Metal House Party will continue . . . But there may be some changes. Perhaps cut back to one band, and have more of a jam afterwards.”

The party isn’t over yet, though. The next Metal House Party will be July 21, featuring Quebec bands Muffler Crunch and My Shadow.

— Photo by Yuko Inoue.