Toilet humour, sex jokes, and the renowned dry British wit invaded Ottawa’s National Arts Centre on the ninth stop of the Just for Laughs Canadian comedy tour Nov. 5.

To kick off the show, the NAC theatre was the first target for the quick wit of the comedians.

“There’s guys up there, the 1 per cent how are you? Sitting above us, they’re just floating like some Star Wars council. It’s a lovely theatre but it’s freaking me out!” said Steve Patterson, CBC’s The Debaters who had hosting duties for the night.

The comedians delivered diverse set of jokes, which included toilet and sex humour from Matt Kirshen, lively and colourful musings of Hal Cruttenden, and witty British humour of Sean Meo and Terry Alderton.

The night began with an impressive hip-hop performance by Abandoman, the Irish comedic hip-hop pair featuring Rob Broderick and guitarist Robert Smoughten.

“We are Ireland’s seventh-biggest hip hop crew, there’s only nine (bands) of us — we’re terrible,” Broderick said.

Patterson officially kicked off the show with an introduction that cleverly poked fun at Michael Ferguson, Canada’s new auditor-general and his French-speaking abilities, a theme, which recurred throughout Patterson’s performance.

“Comment ça-va? With that I have already spoken more French then the new auditor general,” Patterson quipped.

The first performer of the night was Kirshen, a finalist on NBC’s The Last Comic Standing, who joked about the effect of the “chase music” on the Benny Hill Show during sex. Hal Cruttenden, a well-known comedian in the U.K. who has performed for The Queen, took a different tack in joking about the use of social media during the London riots last summer.

The final performance of the night was anything, but normal.

Appearing in a tight Superman T-shirt, Alderton ditched the stand-up routine in favour of doing caricatures, impressions and voice effects that had the audience gasping for air.

His set included bits ranging from sound effects of a Formula One race car, to acting out two voices in his head, and finally bringing a bald audience member on-stage, then kissing him on the cheek.

Following Kirshen’s performance, Patterson concluded the night with a joke, “You don’t hear these thoughts during Mamma Mia! do you?”

—Photo courtesy of Just for Laughs