Poutine may be a classic Canadian concoction originally baked up in Quebec, but it is an American who has mastered the art of gorging down pounds of the saucy, cheese-filled, calorie-packed delicacy. Chicago’s own Pat “Deep Dish” Bertoletti devoured the poutine—and the competition—and triumphed at the 2nd annual World Poutine Eating Championship, held in Toronto Sept. 24.

Bertoletti consumed nearly 10 pounds of poutine in 10 minutes, shy of his 13-pound gorge-fest at last year’s competition, but impressive nevertheless. He took home $4,000 for his edible talents, as well as a trophy, comprised of retro 1980s electronics. While Bertoletti was participating with professionals, 11 Canadians participated in an amateur level of competition. Each of the contestants used their bare hands to wolf down as many pounds as they could.

Judges declared Aabid Patel, 24, the amateur victor, giving him free poutine from event host Smoke’s Poutinerie for a year. But the Torontonian revealed that he hoped to use this prize in a different capacity: to feed the homeless.

“I don’t really eat poutine that often,” Patel told BlogTO. “But there’s a lot of homeless guys around King and Bathurst, and my plan is to give poutine to a different one every day.”