Tony Ferrari of OAF.  Photo by Kate Fobert.

Q&A with Tony Ferrari of OAF

Half-vegan cafe, half-event space, D-Beatstro united moshers of all ages on the third day of Toronto hardcore festival Not Dead Yet (NDY). The afternoon matinee crowd was sizeable yet intimate as punks chilled at tables with juice and cookies, or mobbed the bands onstage to thrash their hearts out. Vancouver’s OAF were the third band …

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The museum boat, HMCS Ojibwa, found in Port Burwell.

HMCS Ojibwa in Port Burwell

On the shore of Lake Erie, about a half-hour drive south of London, is the quiet, sleepy little village of Port Burwell. Save for a handful of elderly people running errands here and there, you see very little activity on its suburban roadside. A person can walk from one end of town to the other in about 20 minutes. …

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