Photo courtesy of Indoor Recess Inc.

Band spotlight: Seoul

Some music is made to be experienced with company — it sets the tone at parties or during your favourite homemade drinking game. Others are meant to be processed individually, allowing the listener to enjoy at a deeper level. Montréal electronic band Seoul combines aspects of individuality and extroversion in their new album, I Become A Shade, …

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Elton John's historical Ferradini platforms (1972-1973), part of the Men in Heels exhibition. Photo courtesy of the Bata Shoe Museum.

Men in heels: Are guys afraid of heights?

Heels are a dominant feature of the fashion world. Last month, the Cannes Film Festival went as far as mandating that female guests must only wear heels. Today, these shoes have become one of the most gender-specific garments. Seeing a man wearing heels is uncommon and typically met with disbelief. What many don’t know is that heels were originally worn by men. …

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