Courtesy of Johnny Mnemonic and Robert Longo.

Flashback Film: Johnny Mnemonic

  In a dystopian view of the future, advanced technology has taken over globally in the year 2021. The 1995 science fiction film, Johnny Mnemonic, is filled with action, cheesy graphics and intense fight scenes. The protagonist Johnny Mnemonic (Keanu Reeves) has a cybernetic brain implant inside his brain that contains valuable information. With a …

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Courtesy of existent and David Cronenberg.

Flashback Film: eXistenZ

When you believe that virtual reality is reality, confusion is inevitable. For the 1997 science fiction thriller eXistenZ, directed by David Cronenberg, a focus group for a video game goes terribly wrong as the players seem to be playing a game within a game, within a game. Allegra Geller (Jennifer Jason Leigh) is a famous …

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