Photo courtesy of Night Lovell via Facebook

Artist Spotlight: Night Lovell

There might just be a hidden up-and-comer making music in Ottawa right now. To most, Night Lovell is not much more than a mystery. He’s an unknown rapper and producer whose beats make a listener want to bump their head to the bass-heavy sounds. At the end of 2014, he dropped his first mixtape, Concept Vague. Night …

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Andrei Denga. Photo taken by David Lao.

Buskers of Toronto: Andrei Denga

Huddled in thick clothing, Torontonians hurriedly rush into the city’s subway system to avoid the sharp, biting winds of the wintry cold. Underneath the bustling streets of the city, commuters find refuge in whatever semblance of heat emanates from the dark underground. It’s here, buried deep beneath the streets that we can sometimes find music, thriving and …

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