Museum Station

TTC Tuesdays: King to Spadina

This week, Tagwa Moyo takes the loop on Line 1 photographing stations from King to Spadina. Check out the photos from our sixth #ttctuesdays installment below! If you missed the first five weeks from the series, you can find them here! Tagwa Moyo is a guest photographer for CanCulture.  He is currently studying journalism at Ryerson University. This …

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Album cover for "Colors" by Harrison

Album Review: Colors by Harrison

Toronto bedroom beatmaker Harrison is branching out with his first EP, Colors released April 7 on Last Gang and JetJam Records. The 19-year-old is known for his upbeat, cutesy, sample-heavy production, but his newest venture shows that he’s been playing around with some new sounds. The whole EP is glittery, loopy, breezy electro pop; it’s …

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Zoe Colivas HeadShot

Model profile: Zoë Colivas

Zoë Colivas describes her 13-year-old self as a “tomboy with braces and pigtails.” At the same age, a modelling agency discovered her on a Toronto streetcar. At 15, she signed with Sutherland Models. Keeping up with friends and balancing a normal life is difficult in the fast-paced and stressful nature of the fashion industry. But not …

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A photo of the program given out at the World Premiere of Missing People. Photo taken by Luke Galati.

From airport to premiere: Missing People

Hot Docs film festival volunteer and writer, Luke Galati, recounts his personal experience greeting director, David Shapiro. From Toronto’s international airport to the World Premiere of Missing People, this isn’t just a film review, but rather, a film experience. By this point, I’m getting into my groove. Wake up early in the morning, put on …

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Still from the performance piece, "Nothing to Wear" by Vessna Perunovich. Photo taken by Andrea Vacl

|FAT| Arts and Fashion Week in Review

Fashion Art Toronto (FAT) brings the freshest, most progressive and alternative designs to Toronto every year. This year marks 10 years of unconventionality in design, art, performance and photography. This year’s theme, #MADEINCANADA, celebrated the anniversary with an ode to Canada that shows the deep complexities of Canadian culture with influences taken from all over our …

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