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Film Review: Tu Dors Nicole

There’s always a moment during a young blissful summer when we’re caught contemplating the endless possibilities of our future. Tu Dors Nicole, directed by well-known Québec film editor Stéphane Lafleur, delves into that very moment with delicacy and tenderness, through the sleepless eyes of a girl living in suburban Québec. The film tells the story of a 20-something …

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Artist Spotlight: Purity Ring

Canadian electronic music duo Purity Ring has released three singles from their much-anticipated upcoming second album, Another Eternity, due out March 3. The band is known for their unique sound, as well as their tantalizing visual performances. The group’s electronic repertoire includes dream pop, a form of alternative rock that focuses on melody and vocals, as well …

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Review: Tell Everyone by Alfred Hermida

Like the myth of the deep fried rat at Kentucky Fried Chicken, conjectures about the dangerous effects social media has on human interaction appear and disappear, forever warning the downfall of man will happen with the next retweeted cat video. In Alfred Hermida’s non-fiction novel, Tell Everyone, the former BBC journalist and associate professor at …

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