Little Boxer. Photo taken by Andrea Vacl.

Artist Spotlight: Little Boxer

Nerves are building at the 9 p.m. sound check at Handlebar. Dave Silani hits the snare drum in sudden quadruple pangs without looking. He’s keeping his eyes on Zachary Henderson, the guitarist and lead vocalist, who’s strumming his acoustic guitar absentmindedly while watching the sound technician wander. Juan Udarbe, the bassist, slides his fingers along his electric’s strings, …

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Photo courtesy of Night Lovell via Facebook

Artist Spotlight: Night Lovell

There might just be a hidden up-and-comer making music in Ottawa right now. To most, Night Lovell is not much more than a mystery. He’s an unknown rapper and producer whose beats make a listener want to bump their head to the bass-heavy sounds. At the end of 2014, he dropped his first mixtape, Concept Vague. Night …

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