Photo taken by Maddee Ritter.

Artist Spotlight: Harrison

Back in high school, Harrison Robinson and his best friend Seamus Hamilton didn’t believe in pigeonholing themselves in particular social scenes. Together, they roamed the streets of Toronto; mixing with all kinds of people. This was when they started experimenting with beatmaking, “It was a hobby. Seamus and I would mess around with software in …

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Chloe Zhang #ootd. Photo courtesy of Chloe Zhang. Edited by Hanna Lee.

Thriving on the double-tap: The World of Instafashion

Instagram may not be the first thing that comes to mind when talking about fashion. However, its inception in 2010 has revolutionized the fashion industry in more ways than one. The #fashion hashtag has been used on more than 200 million photos, with that number increasing every minute. Instagram makes fashion accessible: brands can connect with consumers and celebrities …

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Photo courtesy of Indoor Recess Inc.

Band spotlight: Seoul

Some music is made to be experienced with company — it sets the tone at parties or during your favourite homemade drinking game. Others are meant to be processed individually, allowing the listener to enjoy at a deeper level. Montréal electronic band Seoul combines aspects of individuality and extroversion in their new album, I Become A Shade, …

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